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Top 5 Construction Accidents to Avoid

The construction industry faces hazards every day. These risks are part of the business. However, you can minimize these by adapting the minimum standards on occupational safety and hazard administration. Also, it’s best to understand the causes of these construction accidents to come up with effective ways to prevent them from happening.

Here are the top 5 construction accidents to avoid and some ways to prevent them:

Accidents Caused by Falling Objects

Height-related accidents are common because of falling objects and collapsing scaffolds. These situations may lead to injury, disability, or fatality to people, especially to your employees.

Statistics show that 42% result in fatalities. These fatalities are the consequences of not having access to the personal fall arrest system (PFAS). Often, these happen during the first two months of the victim in the company.

Given these facts, it’s easier to prevent these accidents. First, provide PFAS to your employees and ensure they are trained to use the equipment.

Second, create a sturdy scaffolding by following the minimum standards and go beyond the requirements. Every day, have the scaffolding checked by an expert individual to ensure this structure’s stability and safety.

Keep this structure away from powerlines (at least 10 feet) to avoid possible electrocution. Moreover, your company should build the scaffolding on solid ground. Also, put some safety nets on the scaffolding to catch falling objects.

Accidents From Demolition Activities

Demolition activities involve explosives and are common before construction starts. Even if the protection plan is in effect, accidents could still happen.

How do you prevent these accidents? You can strictly implement a personal fall arrest system. Moreover, competent persons should be in charge of monitoring hazards.

Make sure that all employees participating in the demolition should wear proper head and body gear. These reduce the risks of injuries, if not the occurrence of accidents. Provide proper training and orientation before, during, and after demolition.

The medical team should always be on standby, or at least provide all kinds of protection, from ear to respiratory such as masks. Remember, dust, the sound of an explosion, falling objects can all be sources of accidents and injuries.

Accidents from Slip and Trip

Floors with debris, holes, or clutters can cause injuries such as slipping and tripping. Other reasons could be insufficient lighting and grease spilling. Your employees could sustain injuries such as broken legs, lacerations, brain injury, and even disabilities.

To avoid these accidents, make sure that all workers have protective gear. Implement fall protection systems on areas that are above six feet and have no protective edges.

Train your employees with the proper OSHA procedures. Since construction projects could last for months, keep them updated.

Accidents from Fires, Explosions, Electrocution

Gas leaks can cause fires and explosions. Exposed electrical wirings and equipment malfunctioning are sources of electrocution. These could cause burns, respiratory illnesses, dismemberment, and even deaths.

Hard hats can protect your employees from flying objects brought by explosions. You should keep these protective gears in top condition.

Aside from hard hats, employees should wear proper gloves and rubberized footwear when working in an electrical zone. Make sure equipment is working properly and should be checked regularly.

Accidents Caused by Machinery

Machinery such as forklifts and cranes are essential in construction companies. Often, your employees operating these should have undergone special training. So, make sure they have the necessary skills to operate such machines.

Also, defective machinery can cause construction accidents and injuries. Remember, these carry tons of loads. If these machines malfunction while your employees are operating them, you could be liable.

Proper risk management dictates that you should ensure regular checking of equipment and machinery. Make your employees familiarize themselves with the pin, wrap, shear, and crush points.

Consider Insurance

When everything fails, insurance could help your business pay for medical costs, disability benefits, and allowances to your workers. Denver Workers’ Comp is a requirement in most states.

The minimum could be as low as one employee. For some states, two employees are the minimum. It means that every time your hire an employee, you need this insurance.


Failure to get this insurance would mean stop-order on construction activities when one or many employees got injured while working. With this insurance, you’re protecting your business from future litigation.

This is the biggest advantage of this insurance. Employees can no longer sue you for additional damage once benefits are claimed in the worker’s compensation.

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