Safeguard your business against today’s cyber threats.

Cyber Insurance for Metro-Denver Businesses

The last several years have seen criminals employing more sophisticated methods to steal data from businesses for monetary gain. Indeed every business is at risk of a cyber loss – from professionals working remotely to the construction industry, which handles vast amounts of information including employee data, credit card information and intellectual property. In addition to large enterprises, small and midsize companies are vulnerable to data breaches, phishing tactics and social engineering designed to trick employees into erroneously wire transferring money and hold a business’s computer network hostage until money is paid.

Mountainside Insurance Management offers cost-effective, tailored Cyber Liability solutions that respond to today’s evolving threats that can potentially compromise a company’s customer and employee data, shut down an operation by infecting its network system, and damage a firm’s reputation.


Inside Cyber Liability Insurance

It’s important to note that no two Cyber policies are the same and should be tailored to fit your business’s specific exposures. In general, Cyber Liability insurance can be designed to cover the costs that come with a data breach, including forensic analysis of your data and systems, notification to all affected parties, credit monitoring, crisis management and PR, business interruption as a result of the breach, regulatory investigation and fines and penalties, and legal defense and liability should you be sued by a third party. A policy can also be designed to include ransomware and social engineering, too. In addition, Business Interruption insurance can be included to cover loss of income as a direct result of the cyber event.

Our staff will review your exposures and determine the right policy for your business.


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