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Workers Compensation Insurance for Metro-Denver Businesses

As a business owner, you do all you can to keep your work environment safe. It’s critical to the health and welfare of your employees and to your operation’s productivity and bottom line. But accidents do happen, causing your workers to take time off while they get the medical treatment they require. Workers Compensation insurance, mandatory in Colorado, is designed to help cover an employee’s recovery needs as well as lost income that results from an on-the-job injury or illness. It will help with hospital and physician’s bills, medicine, physical therapy, and other recovery-related expenses. It also protects you as the employer from lawsuits stemming from workplace injuries and illnesses.

The professionals at Mountainside Insurance Management will secure the Workers Comp your business requires to adequately protect you and your employees. We’ll help you understand how to best present your company’s strengths to insurers and how to address your weaknesses so you can improve your safety record, claims experience and premium.

We will also review your loss history to ensure its accuracy and to identify where any problems may lie. Our staff will assist you in classifying your employees properly so you aren’t surprise at audit time.


Workers Compensation Considerations

If you conduct business activities out of the state or send employees on business travel, let’s talk about what benefits your Workers Compensation policy affords beyond Colorado’s borders.

In addition, many of our Workers Compensation carriers offer return-to-work programs and loss-reduction programs, and we have numerous resources from OSHA and other regulators and associations that can help you improve safety and reduce Workers Comp claims.

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