Safeguard your building and contents against potential loss with commercial property coverage.

Property Insurance for Metro-Denver Businesses

How well your business property is protected depends on many things and requires the expertise and experience of insurance professionals that understand the nuances in the coverage terms and conditions available with a Commercial Property policy. The professional staff at Mountainside Insurance Management takes the time to assess your specific property needs and explains the coverages available to address those needs. There is nothing cookie-cutter about what we do. Your policy is as unique as the business you own.


We Dig Deep to Properly Insure Your Property

We provide insurance coverage for all types of businesses, including Main Street businesses, contractors, transportation firms, automotive services and warehouses, throughout the metro-Denver area. Our staff will evaluate the coverage amounts on your building and business personal property (inventory, furniture, equipment, etc.), your deductibles and coinsurance values, and how the insurance is applied.

We’ll also assess your specific property risks, which involves not only properly insuring your building and business personal property in the event of a fire, theft or other hazard, but also looking at what would happen if your operation were forced to close to rebuild for a period of time due to a covered loss. We’ll look at whether you have the right coverage to cover loss of income and ongoing expenses (payroll, utilities, etc.) during this business interruption and the timeframe involved before coverage kicks in and for how long.

In addition, we will review your policy to ensure you have increased cost of coverage in place to meet current local building codes in the event you have to rebuild after a covered loss. We’ll examine your risk in the event your equipment breaks down, particularly important for contractors and warehouse operations.


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