Helping you manage, contain your workers comp costs.

Helping Metro-Denver Businesses Contain Worker Comp Costs

Workers Compensation insurance is a significant cost for most businesses, driven by high medical costs, wages paid to absent employees, wage costs related to an injury’s resulting work stoppage, lost productivity due to administrators handling the claim, lost workplace productivity due to rescheduling and other issues. The one way to contain Workers Comp costs is to reduce the number of claims themselves. At Mountainside Insurance Management, we can assist you in reducing your costs.


How to Manage Your Workers Comp Costs

There are several key steps in managing your costs, including:

  • Creating an effective safety policy
  • Communicating your safety program to workers in your employee manual and posting policies in common areas
  • Assigning a safety coordinator to review policies; coordinate new-employee orientation and safety training programs; help your business remain in compliance; conduct safety inspections; perform/coordinate accident investigations, including hazard identification and corrective actions; and maintain accurate records and routinely report the results of workplace accident and injury trend analyses; among other responsibilities
  • Develop job-hazard analyses
  • Select treating physicians (at least 4) for work-related injuries or injuries as part of claims management
  • Develop written policies and procedures for claims management – reporting a claim, return-to-work program options, etc.

When implementing these and other cost-containment measures, you can help reduce the cost of your Workers Comp program. 

Mountainside can also assist you with accurately classifying your employees based on their job descriptions. Additionally, we will review your current policy, experience modification worksheet, payroll audits, and loss-sensitive rating adjustments to determine if there are any issues or miscalculations.


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